February 2022 Edition – Archived

Fibromyalgia Association Canada (FAC) is pleased to present to our members our premiere issue of our monthly Newsletter JUST THE FAC’S.

 Attached you will find the newsletter (PDF) and you can also access the newsletter at www.fibrocanada.ca

Your Board and Committee members have been hard at work this past year creating a National Association for the millions of Canadians with fibromyalgia. Never before has Canada had a National Fibromyalgia Association and it was definitely overdue. All Board members and Committee Co-Leads of FAC are persons living with fibromyalgia, thus it takes us a little longer to accomplish our tasks. Be patient with us as we all are working towards the same goal. A day when the cause of fibromyalgia is known and proper treatments are in place. A day when fibromyalgia is as recognized a disease as diabetes and MS. 

We hope you enjoy your newsletter and please feel free to share it. If you know someone with fibromyalgia, a sympathetic friend or family members please encourage them to join FAC because together we are stronger. The larger our Association, the louder our voice and the more recognition for fibromyalgia we will receive. They can join at   https://fibrocanada.ca/membership/application-form/

Yours truly

Trudy Flynn
Chair of the Board of Directors
Fibromyalgia Association Canada