Education Committee

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To provide patient-led education on Fibromyalgia and the impact on:

  • Persons with Fibromyalgia, their families and caregivers:
    –   Children
    –   Teens
    –   Young adults
    –   Adults
    –   Seniors
  • The medical/healthcare sector
  • Insurance companies
  • Legal professionals
  • Businesses and employers
  • Government agencies
  • Community agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • The general public

Scope of Responsibilities:

The primary responsibilities of this Committee are  to:

  • educate our target audience on the life altering symptoms of Fibromyalgia which often lead to debilitation, disablement, and impoverishment;
  • debunk the myths and misconceptions of Fibromyalgia;
  • de-stigmatize Fibromyalgia; and
  • emphasize the importance of early diagnosis in order to successfully manage and improve patient outcomes.