Fibromyalgia Patient Stories

Definition of Patient Story

A patient story is their fibromyalgia experience in their own words.

What are the benefits of Patients Stories?

Reading these stories helps us understand living with a difficult and painful condition like fibromyalgia. It plays a role in our journey towards physical and psychological healing.


All stories submitted shall meet FAC’s Values & Virtues
e.g. accountability, Empathy, Kindness, Respect, Tolerance etc…

Stories should not exceed 500 words. Stories containing profanity, attacking healthcare professionals or breach confidentiality will not be accepted.

Patient Stories Disclaimer

Experiences are personal to the authors. We do not claim, and it should not be assumed, that everyone will have the same experiences. 

Stories appear on the FAC website as written by the patient, except for grammar and typing errors.

The views and opinions in these stories belong to the authors and do not reflect FAC’s.  Members voluntarily provide stories and are not paid.


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My Truth

This was posted in a FB group on Sep 7th and the author kindly gave her permission to share it here By Jessica Booth; POSTED: September 16, 2022 The f
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My Story

By: Jade Bald; Posted: December 29, 2021 I self diagnosed myself when I was 24, in 2015 (the year I was turning 25) as my medical doctors were unhelpf
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The Facets of Fibromyalgia

By Suzy Groenewegen; London, Ontario; POSTED: July 2021 In 2006, I began to feel unwell. This new journey I was about to embark on started with gastro
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Vivre avec la fibromyalgie

Par: Marc Bellemare; Alfred, Ontario; Publié le 1 août 2021 Bonjour, mon nom est Marc et je vis avec la fibromyalgie depuis 2016.  Je suis retraité de
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