If you prefer a paper copy, please click on the button below for our member application form in .pdf format,
available in either English or French on our French website.


Any Person with Fibromyalgia living in a province or territory of Canada or a Canadian with Fibromyalgia living in another country, and his/her/their immediate family members (spouse/partner, children, mother, father, siblings)
Fee: FREE  (although a goodwill donation will gratefully be accepted)


Any Person with Fibromyalgia living in another country or a caregiver, a friend of Persons with Fibromyalgia, and/or
a person who does not have Fibromyalgia but wants to support our mission and cause
Fee: Goodwill Donation of any amount is expected


 Any National and Provincial organization which advances the status quo for Fibromyalgia, as part of their mission and vision
Fee: $30.00 per year


Any grassroots, charity or incorporated organization which provides resources, services and supports to Persons with Fibromyalgia  
Fee: $30.00 per year 
Please support our operating costs and help us grow our funds to fund research, future events, projects and campaign initiatives.