Research Committee

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  • To promote and develop Fibromyalgia research
  • To explore past and present studies on Fibromyalgia worldwide
  • To reach out and build relations with:
    –   health researchers and clinical trial organizations in Canada
    –   professionals and organizations worldwide who are interested in Fibromyalgia research

Scope of Responsibilities:

The primary responsibilities of this Committee are to:
  • raise awareness of the urgent need for Canadian based Fibromyalgia research among researchers, health care professionals, educators and policy makers;
  • list current research on Fibromyalgia in Canada and worldwide;
  • determine where, from a patient perspective, the gaps are in research, supports and services for the Fibromyalgia community;
  • support efforts to attract financial investment for Fibromyalgia research; and
  • encourage patient-oriented Fibromyalgia research in Canada.