Top Research Priorities for Chronic Pain in Canada

Adult Priorities:

An involved process looked at what was important to research from a patient’s perspective. The group reviewing and compiling the results included patients, clinicians, researchers and decision makers. Fourteen research questions were identified fitting into four different themes; Improving knowledge and competencies in chronic pain

  1. Improving patient-centered chronic pain care
  2. Preventing chronic pain and reducing associated symptoms
  3. Improving access to and coordination of patient-centered chronic pain care

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Pediatric Priorities:

An involved process identified the top ten research priorities in pediatric chronic pain in Canada. Information was obtained from children and adolescents who live with chronic pain, their family members and clinicians. The top ten priorities involved the following areas; 

  1. Prevention of chronic pain
  2.  Impact and treatment of chronic pain 
  3. Delivery of care
  4. Access and coordination of care

For more details see the article here